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Spring Flooding 2011

As I write this, it's Saturday morning, April 16th, 2011. I should be getting the boat ready to leave the slip for Thunder, but high water conditions make that ill-advised. So instead, I'll share some pictures of this week's flooding around some of the local marinas:

To put it in proper perspective, following are this morning's hydrographs, showing the river level at Flood Stage:


Graphs published with permission from the NOAA

The following pictures were taken when Markland Upper was reading approximately 23.4'. These were taken from a light aircraft from an alititude of 1000' feet above the ground.

Above, Admiral's Anchor Marina. Below, a picture looking toward downtown while passing over Six Mile Island.

Above, you can see the curvature of the Earth as observed from 1000' above the ground. Either that or the camera was crooked.

Above, the Louisville Yacht Club and below, Belknap Beach area.

(white line is either a reflection or enemy sub)

The Rose Island Yacht Club. Hey, who's boat is that in my slip!!!

Tartan's Landing Marina

Lastly, here are some pictures sent in from a member of the Harrod's Landing Yacht Club. It'll take more than a few beavers to clear that log jam from the upriver side of the bridge.

Above, the US 42 bridge, with Harrods Landing Yacht Club in the background.

For more pictures, see Part II: link




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