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Tales of the River

Where have all the
Steamboats Gone?

A Long Time Passing

Capt. Jamie Donahue

Have you wondered lately why you have not seen the Delta Queen, American Queen, or the Mississippi Queen on our rivers? It is because the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. has gone out of business.

The Delta Queen is now a floating hotel in Chattanooga TN. The American Queen has been turned over to the Maritime Administration and is parked in a ready reserve fleet in Texas.

The Mississippi Queen started a restoration project in early 2007 and was pretty well gutted to make way for new furnishings. Unfortunately, the company ran out of money and it has been sitting in New Orleans for 3 years collecting rust and mold. As of about three months ago she was sold to a salvage company and is scheduled to be cut up for scrap.

The River Barge Explorer, the other overnight vessel, has also been given to the Maritime Administration and is also tied up with the American Queen at the reserve fleet. All are casualties of the current economy.

The 2006 Tall Stacks in Cincinnati Ohio, pictured below, was the last gathering of all these stately vessels and will never be repeated.


Pictures courtesy of Capt. Jamie Donahue



Capt. Jamie Donahue
Paradigm Yacht Sales

Jamie Donohue brings a lifetime of boating experience to Louisville and Paradigm. His first income from out of the home came from washing boats at age 12. At 20 he was restoring wooden cruisers.

For the past 20 years Jamie has been involved in sales and construction of custom aluminum yachts and commercial Coast Guard approved vessels at Pluckebaum Boats. With a Any Gross Ton Masters license he has worked on the steamers Belle of Louisville, Delta Queen, and Mississippi Queen.

Whether you are buying or selling a 12 foot jon boat or a 100 foot mega yacht, let Jamie’s 50 years of boating give you the advantage. Contact him at:



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