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Tales of the River

New Year's Cruise on
the Mississippi Queen

Capt. Jamie Donahue


On a New Years cruise on the Mississippi Queen while serving in the capacity of Master, One of my duties was to host a "repeaters" party. People who had been on the boats more than once were invited for snacks and refreshments. There were prizes for those who had traveled the farthest etc. One of the prizes was for the most trips.

After the gathering ended, a couple approached me and stated that the prize for most trips had went to the wrong person. I questioned if they had notified the purser's office as to the amount of their trips. They informed me that her mother had 37 trips on the boats while alive, and 7 since she passed, and that she was currently presiding in their stateroom.

She was onboard every New Years so a few more of her ashes could be sprinkled over the paddle wheel at midnight. I apologized and told them that a gift from the boat store would be provided. I encountered the couple several more times during the cruise and found them to be very personable. The last night of the cruise it is customary for several couples to be invited to dine at the Captains table. I decided to include these folks.

The wife approached me the afternoon of the event and asked if mother was also invited. I explained that if were just us it would be no problem, but since there would be four other couples I didn't know how well received mother would be. I don't know if all of mother's ashes made it to the wheel before the boat was retired...


Picture courtesy of Capt. Jamie Donahue



Capt. Jamie Donahue
Paradigm Yacht Sales

Jamie Donohue brings a lifetime of boating experience to Louisville and Paradigm. His first income from out of the home came from washing boats at age 12. At 20 he was restoring wooden cruisers.

For the past 20 years Jamie has been involved in sales and construction of custom aluminum yachts and commercial Coast Guard approved vessels at Pluckebaum Boats. With a Any Gross Ton Masters license he has worked on the steamers Belle of Louisville, Delta Queen, and Mississippi Queen.

Whether you are buying or selling a 12 foot jon boat or a 100 foot mega yacht, let Jamie’s 50 years of boating give you the advantage. Contact him at:



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