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A Splash of Skiing

by, MG

4th Grade

Have you ever gone water skiing? If you have, then you know how fun it is. If you haven’t, then you should try it. Either way, read on to hear about my exciting experience.

We were on our bright blue boat, speeding along, when my dad said, “Hey, it's your turn! Want to try water skiing?”

“Umm…” I hesitated to answer. “It’s a lot of fun. You’ll really like it. I’ll take you to Dairy Queen [if you get up],” my dad persuaded. I answered, “Uh, okay. But is it scary? Am I gonna die?’’ Even though I was scared, I decided to try it. As I climbed down the blue bumpy ladder, into the water, I thought, I want to make my dad proud.

Next thing I know, my dad was out in the water with me, helping me get on the skis. “Okay, now, keep your arms out in front of you and have your knees bent.”

“I’m scared, what’s going to happen if I fall?” I asked. Floating, he replied, “Don’t worry, pumpkin. You’ll be fine. You’ll just float until we come back.” Then he got back into the boat. Vvvvvv… the boat went off as water splashed in my face. I must have let go of the handle. I fell with a SPLASH!

I wanted to try one last time. I waited a moment for the boat to get started. Vvvvv! I flew up onto the smooth, green water. It felt like I was flying, with an ear-to-ear smile! Wow, I thought, this is awesome! No wonder he wanted me to do this so much! It was so cool! I was going as fast as a cheetah! But eventually, I crashed back into the water.

I waited a second for the boat to come and pick me up. I was thinking about how amazing the time was. Vvvvvv! The boat came zooming back. I gladly got back on. “So, you don’t want to go again?” my dad asked. Even though it was fun, I was exhausted. I answered, “No thanks. I still get to go to Dairy Queen, right?” “Of course,” he said.

Later that day, my dad and I went to Dairy Queen. I ordered a hot fudge sundae, and then we sat down at a table. Just then, my dad was telling me how proud he was. “Well, I’m glad I tried it. It was awesome!” I exclaimed. Then we ate our ice cream and went back home.

That day, I learned something new. Don’t just assume something’s scary, try it! It was the most wonderful day of my life! And that was my water skiing experience!


Editor's Note: This essay was written by my daughter while in the 4th-grade. Besides bringing a little tear to my eye, it reminds us of what things are important in life and how much fun can be had with a little $5000 ski boat and a pair of borrowed skis!

-Capt. Eric








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