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"Bethlehem Cove"

Mile 577


What About the Coves at Bethlehem?

updated April 23, 2011


Nugent Sand Co. has two coves connected to the Ohio River in Bethlehem, IN. These are located 0.6 miles apart, both on the right descending bank of the Ohio River about five miles north of Westport, KY.

These coves, like the one in Utica, have continued to stir controversy and debate on the Port KY River Forum. Following are comments attributed to Nugent representatives:

<herbert> "This cove, like party cove at Utica, is also owned by Nugent Sand Company and is not only private property but mine property, meaning you have to have the proscibed Mine Safety & Health Administration training before you enter. Unlike the Utica cove, they will arrest you up there in Bethlehem."

<barackoboater> "Just to let you know that both nugent pits in bethlehem are an active mine area and that you need to be msha/osha trained to be in there."



As webmaster, I would be remiss in not factually reporting that some boaters frequent the area. Obviously, they do so at their own risk and against the wishes of the landowners and the commercial enterprises.

I think it's fair to say that Nugent doesn't want boaters in these coves any more than you'd like them in your marina. It is quite a shame that local boaters don't have more places to go that are out of the current and away from commercial barge activity.

Commercial Activity in General: The intent of this site is to help make our boaters safer and more knowledgable. In the interest of safety, I would recommend that boaters refrain from operating near any commercial activity that could potentially put themselves, their guests and their vessels in jeopardy.


Above, a picture submitted by Nugent Sand to Port KY in 2010, illustrating what they call a near miss between a barge and a small boat. Controversy surrounds the zoom on the picture, but the image is sure to capture your attention.

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The intent of this site is to help make our boaters safer and more knowledgable. Let us know if you have anything to add concerning local river activity.

Check back for future updates...

-Capt. Eric



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