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A few notes for July:

Madison Regatta

We were blessed with great weather for the 61st anniversary of the Madison Regatta. My wife and I were proud to serve as volunteers for the River Safety and Rescue team, where we met some really great people and had some really good views of the event.

Last Sunday's events turned tragic when a 21' aluminum work barge driven by three long-time volunteers was impacted at high speed by a hydroplane who was attempting to cut across the race infield. We watched in horror as three of our coworkers were whisked away, two by helicopter.

Currently, Mike Brand is recovering at home, while Chris Cutshall and Angie Greenwell are still in the hospital with multiple and severe injuries. While it is expected these folks will have their medical expenses eventually covered by insurance, there will be a shorter-term need for cash as they recover. Funds are being raised to help support them and their families.

Fund Raiser

We as boaters have always stuck together in times of need. We all understand that when we're on the water doing what we love to do, our support usually comes from each other.

To that end, I am committed to helping support Chris, Angie and Mike as they recover, and I am hopeful that our boating community can help out as well. Port KY LLC is going to match the first $250 donated by our boaters to help with their expenses.

While there are reasons it would be beneficial to have individual bank accounts created for these workers, there are other compelling reasons not to do so. If you would like to help, please send a check to:

Madison Regatta Inc.
ATTN: Fund for Chris, Angie & Mike
P.O. Box 341
Madison, IN 47250

For simplicity, you can also use the PayPal link on the PortKY.com site, and I'll gladly forward the funds to Madison. Thank you for helping your fellow boaters!

On a Lighter Note:

It's time to enjoy the rest of the summer! I'll have an update shortly on other upcoming events.

Be safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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