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Quick Getaway!

Looking for another overnight trip idea? Here's one shared by some fellow boaters:

Take a trip up to Madison, Indiana, and stay at the Rivercrest Marina (Mile 559). Rather than staying at the marina, make reservations at the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery and Bed & Breakfast. You can call ahead to arrange transportation from the marina, then enjoy a nice evening at the vineyard. This is a perfect trip idea for those of you with spouses who are tired of staying on the boat every time. Thanks, Doug, for the tip!

Madison Vineyards link
Rivercrest Marina Information link

Also in Madison...

Mark your calendars for the September 24th-25 Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art! After arriving in Madison, you can stroll the historic streets and view the works of over 250 artisans. You can also enjoy food and live music at the waterfront.

More information: link

Above, an August sunset from the Louisville riverfront. Photo by Capt. Eric

Recent Fueling Incident:

Following is a report by Don Dahl, North Oldman Fire Department:

At 16:13 on 12 August 2011 Emergency Units from North Oldham Fire District and Oldham County EMS were dispatched to a report of two persons injured from a gasoline explosion on a boat on Riverside Drive. The fire was out upon arrival of the Fire Department and the two occupants of the approximately 38' Sea Ray were on the shore with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to their lower extremities. EMS quickly treated and transported both gentlemen to University of Louisville Hospital where both were admitted and as of this date are still recovering from their injuries. With the exception of melted/burned exhaust ductwork and some discoloration on the bottom edge of the upholstery the boat appeared to be undamaged.

This boat had taken on 192 gallons of unleaded gasoline from a tanker truck delivery on private property. Reports from one witness stated that they had been trying unsuccessfully to start the boat just prior to the explosion. Although the exact source of the ignition is still under investigation there was evidence found of a bird nest in the exhaust ducting for the bilge blower which would have rendered this system useless for its intended purpose. The investigation has been turned over to the Office of the State Fire Marshall.

This incident highlights the dangers of fueling gasoline. It takes very little time for one of Mother Nature's creatures to render a bilge exhaust system useless. It is good practice to check this equipment often. If you can't get to the ducting to check it another good method is to hold a hand near the exhaust outlet and see if you can feel air moving when the blower is running. When you are ventilating if you do smell gasoline fumes coming out of the exhaust while the blower is running do not attempt to start anything! Open up hatches. Keep everyone clear of the boat. Try to locate the source of the fumes if you safely can. Sources can be anything from a bad fuel line to clogged vent tubing or tank overflow piping.

No smoking should be permitted at all during fueling operations anywhere nearby. If you can see someone smoking they are probably too close. Shut hatches and doors prior to fueling. Shut down all electronics and eliminate any open flames. Have any passengers leave the boat and fueling area.

Once fueling is completed open up all hatches and doors and allow for natural ventilation to occur. Use your nose and if you smell fumes continue to allow natural ventilation. Once you are certain you've ventilated run the bilge blower for about 5 minutes prior to starting engines and/or electronics. Allow passengers to board only after everything above has been completed.

Most marina environments are not set up for safe bulk delivery of gasoline. The code requirements are stringent and almost impossible to meet with any certainty. North Oldham Fire District does not permit Gasoline bulk fueling in any of the three marinas in Oldham County. The Office of the State Fire Marshall supports this position. Many marinas are also prohibited from allowing bulk gasoline delivery by their insurance companies.

Diesel fuel is different. It has a much higher flash point and falls into a different category. While there is still a risk of fire with diesel there is not the same degree of volatility. Simply put – you have to try hard to make diesel fuel burn in most situations whereas gasoline takes almost no effort to explode and then burn.

I hope this recent incident brings home the dangers of fueling gasoline. It's dangerous whether being put in a lawnmower, car or a boat. Please think about what you are doing. Feel free to be over-cautious! Burn injuries take a long time to heal and some never really do.

Don Dahl
Training & Fire Prevention Coordinator

Traveling through the Locks?:

Be sure to check the Notices to Mariners for important closure information. You can access these off the Resources page on the Port KY website (Navigation section): link


HCBOA Dinghy Run:

The folks at the Harrods Creek Boat Owners Association have asked me to pass along information for their Saturday, August 27th Dinghy Run. If you are not a member, you're invited as a guest.

Don't have a dinghy? Watercraft under 25' and wave-runners will be acceptable. Be ready to get wet!

For more information on the event, see this form: link

Port KY Disclaimer: Please boat responsibly and limit alcohol consumption while operating a vessel.

Madison Regatta Workers:

You may recall that we previously asked for your help in supporting the victims of the crash from the Madison Regatta, where a Water Safety & Rescue boat was struck by a hydroplane. We are happy to report that over $13,000 has been raised to help with the three injured workers.

Mike and Angie are recovering at home. Word is that Angie is waiting to put weight on her injured leg, but it won't be long. Chris Cutshall is out of the ICU, and still has a long way to go in his recovery. Chris' family set up a website where you can watch his progress: link

In case you missed it, here is the full story: link
and the race weekend pictures from the Regatta: link

2012 Captain's Class:

Captain Ron Getter tells me True Courses will be back to visit in early 2012 with another OUPV course. If you've thought about getting your Captain's license, this is a perfect opportunity. We sponsor the class, and have cranked out over 30 captains in the past three years. This course is designed for the boater who meets the USCG sea service requirements of 360 "days" on the water and wants to broaden their experience and obtain a merchant mariner credential.

When I did the course, I wasn't really sure how I'd use the license. Fast forward a few years, and I've found myself immersed in local boating and getting the occasional call for a charter or yacht delivery. Some day when I'm retired, I may be able to pick-up some of the work that I've had to pass to my fellow captains.

If you'd like more information on the upcoming course, visit here: link

Slips for Sale!

Looking for a slip? Check out the site for a compreshensive set of local listings. Have a slip to sell or lease-out? Visit the site for more information! link

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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