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September, 2011

RiverFlow "The Show" Takes Flight!

You may recall that in April, we were able to get some aerial photos of the Ohio River during the flooding for the PortKY.com website. The views proved to be very popular--so popular, in fact, that our hit counter nearly doubled for the month of April. Since then, we've had several requests for pictures of various marinas and areas during normal conditions.

Working with Capt. Joe Frith of Video Environment LLC, I am pleased to introduce a trailer for some of the new footage. In upcoming "RiverFlow" episodes, Capt. Joe will be able to focus on particular areas that were filmed in these near-perfect conditions.

Enjoy, and feel free to share the link with your friends! link

Upcoming in Madison...

A reminder to mark your calendars for the September 24th-25 Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art! After arriving in Madison, you can stroll the historic streets and view the works of over 250 artisans. You can also enjoy food and live music at the waterfront.

More information: link

Locking-Through Educational Event

Never been through the locks before? Need a refresher? The Louisville Sail and Power Squadron is holding a "Lock Thru Education" event on Sunday, September 11th. Their plan is to meet at Tumbleweed at 10:00 a.m., lock through McAlpine Locks and Dam, then have a picnic and raft-up. They plan to lock-through as a group, and you can event request to have an experienced deck-hand on board if you'd like. They apologize for the short notice. Here are more details: link

If you are interested, please give Kim Fisher a call at 502-544-1185

You may recall that we have a Featured Article with tips for Locking-Through on the Port KY website which is chocked-full of pictures and advice. Here's the story: link

Nighttime Running

As we approach the Fall months, the river usually gets to it's nicest condition with little debris and a slow current. With the days getting shorter, you'll find yourself cruising home at night more and more. If you're unfamiliar with night-boating, this is a good time of year to stay out a little later (darker?) each time out to ease into the challenges of running at night.

A special consideration would be your lighting configuration. Pontoon sales in the area are increasing, and with that we're seeing more and more boats out there with "docking lights". While you may be tempted to treat these like headlights, it's worth looking at what these lights do for you and to other boaters. Experienced boaters run with only their navigation lights illuminated, preserving their night vision. If you've been out at night, you know that it can be tricky picking out the barges and other boats, and your night-vision is a valuable tool. It can take over 20 minutes for your eyes to fully adapt to the darkness. Unfortunately, a bright light can ruin your night vision in a few seconds.

If you're approaching another boat head-on, you pick out their NAV lights to determine their direction and risk of collision. If a boat is displaying "docking lights," it can be difficult, if not impossible, to pick out the other lights and determine which way the boat is headed.

Following is what a boat with docking lights looks light before they pass to port:

Contrast the above with what a boat with docking lights looks light before they pass to starboard:

My point is that you can't tell the difference, as you're too blinded by the docking lights to see the other ones. While these examples may seem extreme, my intent is to illustrate that these lights cause a hazardous condition when operated continuously. Spotlights can be just as bad, especially when pointed at other boats. Keep in mind that with good night vision, you'll be able to see objects much farther away than using the limited power of a docking light.

Here is a Featured Article from the past with more suggestions for operating at night: link

Madison Regatta Workers Update:

You may recall that we previously asked for your help in supporting the victims of the crash from the Madison Regatta, where a Water Safety & Rescue boat was struck by a hydroplane.

Please especially keep Chris Cutshall of Louisville in your prayers, as he recently spent a few more days in the ICU. Also, we'd like to thank those who contributed toward their expenses. The events held in Madison in their honor did a lot to raise awareness and bring them support. Chris' family set up a website where you can watch his progress: link

In case you missed it, here is the full story: link
and the race weekend pictures from the Regatta: link

Replay: 2012 Captain's Class:

Captain Ron Getter tells me True Courses will be back to visit in early 2012 with another OUPV course. If you've thought about getting your Captain's license, this is a perfect opportunity. We sponsor the class, and have cranked out over 30 captains in the past three years. This course is designed for the boater who meets the USCG sea service requirements of 360 "days" on the water and wants to broaden their experience and obtain a merchant mariner credential.

When I did the course, I wasn't really sure how I'd use the license. Fast forward a few years, and I've found myself immersed in local boating and getting the occasional call for a charter or yacht delivery. Some day when I'm retired, I may be able to pick-up some of the work that I've had to pass to my fellow captains.

If you'd like more information on the upcoming course, visit here: link

From our Advertisers:

Sea Ray of Louisville and Mercury Marine present the "Axius/Zeus Joystick Tour". Dates are September 10th (2-7 p.m.) and September 11th (11 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at the Captain's Quarters. On display will be a demo team where you can learn more about the systems and how they work. Here's a link to the flyer: link

For more information, contact Chip at 502-540-5552

Looking for an indoor storage solution? Kentuckiana Yacht Sales is offering a specials on winterizing and heated winter storage. For more information, please check out their flyer: link

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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