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October, 2011

Fall Boating

As we head into the fall, many of you are thinking about winterizing already. Those who keep on boating know a good secret--fall offers some of the area's finest boating! Fall foliage is expected to peak sometime in mid-October, and this time of year offers some of the best river conditions.

A recent discussion on our forum reminds us of several other aspects. With many of the boaters already laid up for the winter, you can expect less traffic on the water. You can spend time on the hook with a cool breeze instead of getting roasted by the sun. If you have an enclosure, you can enjoy the warmth of its greenhouse effect.

With less traffic out there on the water, you can expect fewer waits at the fuel dock, and you'll find it much easier to find a great place to park at your favorite restaurants. From a safety standpoint, the water is still warm enough that you won't have to worry as much about about a hypothermic event falling in as you would in the springtime.

Above a 2010 view of Indiana's foliage from the bridge of Capt. Eric's Silverton

Winter Storage

As we head into the winter season, there is the usual scramble for dock-space as renters look at new options for the upcoming year. Using the Port KY website, you can browse the marinas from the air, list your slip or find your next one: link

Things to do this weekend:

If you're not going to visit the local Trinity vs. St. X game, U of L game or the Cinci games this weekend, there are some boating options you may want to check out.

For starters, this weekend marks Westport's River Daze Festival on Saturday, October 1st. Westport sits on the river and has a rich history on the water. When we visited last year, we found that only two of the eight boat slips was available, as the rest were occupied with state and local law enforcement and fire rescue vessels. Of the two remaining spots, one was too shallow to dock our 18'er. We next watched as the Jet-Ski competition, dubbed the "Toilet Bowl," took place adjacent to the docks, resulting in continuous wakes.

We were a little disappointed that more parking wasn't made available for boaters, and that the town didn't do more to attract visitors by water. There are docks a little farther downstream that belong to the neighborhood residents--you may have luck asking for permission to use one of those. We found the town offered an interesting antique tractor display, as well as the collection of local music, politicians and vendors that you'd normally find at such an event. Overall, we enjoyed our visit there. Be aware, however, that unless something has changed, you may find similar docking issues. llnk

Speaking of Westport, a local magistrate showed me last month that the flags you see from the boat ramp were not, as some would speculate, put up by the town. Instead, they were put up by a disgruntled homeowner who doesn't enjoy a boat ramp in his front yard.

Finding the Perfect Boat

Also this weekend, you can dream of your next new boat. With my cruiser listed, I know first hand that Fall is a great time to get a deal, as buyers are weighing the costs of winter storage into the ownership equation. Two of our advertisers are featuring in-the-water boat shows. Here is more information:

Kentuckiana Yacht Sales
Friday, September 30th - Saturday, October 1st
3-8 FRI, 9-5 SAT
Spring Street, Jeffersonville
Featuring Drinks and Snacks, Hotdogs and Brats!

Paradigm Yacht Sales & Brokerage*
Saturday, October 1st
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Captain's Quarters Restaurant Docks
Free Admission

*Mention this ad and get $5,000 off a Silverton 37!
See Capt. George East for details, Codephrase "Riverfront House"
80' Slip available RIYC
Offer expires November 1st, 2011

1996 Silverton 37', Paradigm Yacht Sales & Brokerage

Which Fuel for Winter?

I would recommend using Ethanol-free gasoline, if available, for your boat's winter storage, as Ethanol is hygroscopic.

Wikipedia defines "hygroscopic" as: the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment through either absorption or adsorption with the absorbing or adsorbing material becoming physically 'changed,' somewhat: by an increase in volume, stickiness, or other physical characteristic of the material as water molecules become 'suspended' between the material's molecules in the process.

Over time, ethanol will absorb water from the air, which is exacerbated by longer storage times. River's Edge Marina, an advertiser of this site, offers ethanol-free fuel for these very reasons. Be sure to check them out, and thank them for supporting Port KY!

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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