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June, 2012

Great Loop Cruise

You may recall that in January, we had a picture of Richard Smith's Grand Banks trawler from Propsect passing through the Bahamas. He's been traveling several days at a time, and has logged over 5,000 miles on the trip so far.


I recently spent a few days in Albany, NY, where I had a chance to catch-up with Richard's cruise. He had just finished his trip up the Hudson River, and was heading west on the Erie Canal. I got a ride with Richard and crew around Albany and westward through Scenectady, NY. The area was amazing, and reminded me of northern parts of the Allegheny River with it's scenery. The cooler temperatures were also nice for this time of year.



Above, Capt's. Eric Grubb and Richard Smith near Schenectady, NY on the Mohawk River.

What's next? Richard plans to head westward to Oswego, NY, where he'll branch north to Lake Ontario. From there, he plans to cruise the Trent-Severn Waterway around the Great Lakes, then ultimately head south on the Illinois River from Chicago.

Boat Steps for Sale - Reduced $175

For Sale: One set of fiberglass steps for your dock. Also works great in the driveway for working on your boat. Locking teak door. Measures 2' x 4' x 2'. These spent two summers on a dock, then spent the next 20 years in storage. $175, like new! Proceeds donated to the Port KY site. Compare with the new ones for $595! Includes local delivery to your parking lot.

More information: webmaster@portky.com


Installing Graphics

The arrival of warmer weather brings a change of boats for many people. This change usually requires either a change of name or possibly even state registration. It is also an opportunity to customize the boat to make it the way you want.


The Port KY site recently documented several suggestions for graphics. Like with the VHF radio installation above, our goal was to share several tricks we've learned over the years to make your next project go that much smoother.

You can check out more information here: link

KY Property Taxes

You may have heard that the Lyon County's PVA was challenged in its attempt to collect additional tax revenue. Lyon County includes the KY Lake and Lake Barkley areas.

A recent opinion by the KY Attorney General confirms that boats are taxable property and that KRS 132.220(3) grants property valuation administrators the power to physically inspect land and similarly inspect floating docks in the absence of the property owner.

If you re-read the above carefully, you can see that the implication is that a PVA could walk the docks to obtain boat information. There will be more to this story! Stay tuned to see what other developments spring forth.

Fire Extinguishers

With the boating season in full gear, this is a good time to review some of the requirements for inspecting fire extinguishers on board your vessel.


KY regulation, for example, simply state that: "Operators shall: ...(a) Maintain fire extinguishers in workable condition..."

IN regulations state: "Approved types of fire extinguishers are identified by the following marking on the label—"Marine Type USCG Approved"...Be sure you know how to operate them, and inspect extinguishers regularly to ensure they are in working condition and fully charged."

So what are the USCG inspection requirements? They get a little stickier, as you can find yourself looping around different regulations and levels of applicability. In general, I like what the USCG Auxiliary has to say on their site for recreational boaters:

Inspect Extinguishers monthly to make sure that:

Seals and tamper indicators are not broken or missing
Pressure gauges or other indicators, if so equipped, read in the operable range (I.E. "Full") as described on the extinguisher.
There is no obvious physical damage, rust, corrosion, leakage, or clogged nozzles,
If the minimum weight is stated on the extinguisher label, weigh extinguisher annually to check.

If you want to dig deeper, you can check out the Coast Guard Regulations, starting with 46 CFR 25.30, as well as subchapter T (CFR 175, 176).

I personally recommend documenting your compliance in case you ever find yourself facing an insurance company asks you to demonstrate that your equipment was maintained in proper order.

Following are some general questions that have come up, as well as some guidance that I've found:

1) Is there a requirement to have them mounted? Yes, for inspected vessels. Surely a good idea on our recreational ones, so I'd recommend it.

2) I have a Kiddie BC with a plastic top. Does it have to be inspected? Yes, at least once per month by you. You can record that inspection on the extinguisher's tag. I even know one guy who uses a Sharpie on the bottle.

3) Is ABC-rated better than the BC I find in marine stores? I think so, as it will protect you from a trash fire or burning conductor wrappings, in addition to liquid and electrical fires that BC types cover. Check to see what kind you carry.

4) Can I inspect my auto-extinguisher myself? With Halon, FM-200 or FE-241, the answer is no. They need to be inspected and weighed by a professional. That applies to even the ones with gauges, as these can be under-weight but still show pressure due to internal chemistry.

5) Can I inspect my portable, non-refillable types myself? The above does not indicate otherwise, as these are boats and not commercial buildings or inspected vessels. Having said that, a trained professional may be able to detect corrosion, age limits or other deficiencies that you may have missed. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to have a professional look at your equipment.

6) Should I keep around my old ones? I wouldn't recommend it. Picture this: You've got a fire, and grab a half-full bottle that you had as a spare. A partial discharge may result in a flash-back, leaving you right where you started. Meanwhile, you've wasted time that you could have used to otherwise evacuate. It'd be much better to keep your extras fully ready. Unless you get the larger bottles, you'll probably have less than 10 seconds of discharge available in the first place.

I hope I've got you thinking! Disclaimer: Consult with state and federal recommendations, and remember that you alone are responsible for the safe operation of your vessel.

Engine Compartment

A visitor recently asked "What would I do if I were on the river and my engine quit?" There are many things to consider, such as where are you, what traffic is around you, what is the nature of the problem and what are your mechanical abilities?

You can take a look at these considerations and more as they relate to your operations in the local area in another article we assembled. Check it out here: link


Check out the Port KY Events Page for specifics, and note that more information will be added as it becomes available: link

Repost- EVENT INFORMATION: June 29th-30th - Riverfest

Benefits EDGE Outreach - Clean Water Projects

The 2012 Riverfest Music Festival will return to Prospect, KY where dozens of local performing artists and bands will perform on the banks of the Ohio River in Prospect, Kentucky. The two-day music event will be held at the Shady Glen Club on Friday, June 29th and Saturday, June 30th. All proceeds will benefit Louisville-based EDGE Outreach and their mission to save lives around the world with clean water. Tickets are $10 in advance for a two-day pass or $10 each day at the door. Tickets are available online at EDGEOutreach/Riverfest.

The Riverfest stage sits right on the Ohio riverbank about 2.5 miles upriver from 12-Mile Island, allowing the area boating community to beach or anchor out for the day and enjoy the festivities. Attendees of the family-friendly event are invited to bring lawn chairs, blankets and coolers.

Event will be emceed by "2 Guys Havin' Fun", a popular duo known for making good times better, and the sound and lighting production services will be provided by Brian Hood of Ultimate Audio. "Butchers Best" of Prospect KY will feature the pork barbeque and chicken on Friday evening. Soft drinks and water will be available as well.

Riverfest is hosted by the Shady Glen Club, 1504 Riverside Drive, off Rose Island Road.

Call Jim Willis at 502-558-1033 and get your Advanced Ticket Sales: $10 for two day pass. $20 day of the event. Limited number boat slips are also available, and raft-ups welcomed

Visit their site for more information: link

Still Looking for Parade Boats!

EVENT INFORMATION: August 4th - Venetian Boat Parade

"Capt. Patrick" has arrived on the scene with a dazzling new concept for the Waterfront. Originally from Chicago, he is bringing an event for boaters to Louisville.

What started as a small lakefront event in 1958 continued for over 50 years as an annual celebration involving a parade of boaters.

From their website: "We would like to invite you to enter your boat into the parade, or come and celebrate the Louisville boating lifestyle, in all its glory, and applaud your favorite decorated boat on August 4, 2012 in Louisville's inaugural Venetian Boat Parade Festival."

There is so much more to tell about their event. There will be food, dancing, a car show, volleyball, and boats, boats and more boats. Captain Patrick wanted me to pass along that this isn't a parade of boats with lights, but rather a themed event that will take some planning and preparation. For more information, please visit the "Venetian Boat Parade" website: link

Port KY River Cards

It's that time of year again! Stop by Marine Sales and Service, River's Edge Marina or Sea Ray of Louisiville to pick up a "River Card." These 8x5" cards are available for free and provide a handy reference for you while you're out on the river.

Included on the cards are mileages, landmarks, a list of required equipment and other tidbits of information to keep you more situationally-aware on the water.

Slips for Sale

As the weather heats up, so does demand for boat slips. Here's a link to our page of current listings: link

Have a slip of your own to sell? See the page listed above for information on how to list yours!

Future Newsletters

Have anything you'd like to see in future newsletters? Feel free to send in your suggestions!


All this information is good, but remember that the reason you bought a boat in the first place was to have fun!

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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