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November/December, 2013

While we dig out from this weekend's snow and ice storms, this is a good time of year to reflect on last summer's boating season. Commenters on the forum felt that last season was too short, given the late start in the spring. Some are still boating, keeping the heat on so they'll be ready for the next nice weekend.

2013 was a good year for Port KY in that the site has maintained a slow and steady growth. Viewership is up, and the mail list is still growing at a steady clip. You, the boaters, are to thank, as much of the growth comes from your friends. It's been my pleasure getting to meet more of the Port KY and River Forum crowd this year. Please keep referring your friends so that we can keep the momentum going for 2014 and beyond!

As for the Ohio River, the water will be rising in the next few days, so the ramp down to the docks may be more like a trip straight across to them. Meanwhile, the boaters in Jeffersonville have been in the news as they fight the city to stay.

For now, it looks like they've been given until the end of the year to vacate. While there will be new docks at a future point, they will be priced at a point unreachable for many of the current tenants. For those displaced boaters, this is truly a sad ending to a chapter that has lasted for decades.

Here are some other items of interest as we head into the winter season:


This is a good time of year to remind people to double-check their boat policies to see if there is a specified period of lay-up. In our case, we take a few months off in the winter, and we save a few dollars on the insurance by specifying a break between mid-December and mid-March. What you'd hate to see is a denied claim because of an operation that was contrary to the language in your policy.

Most companies are flexible and can override those dates with a phone call if you need to do something special like move your boat or have it hauled for maintenance.


Winter Projects

If you're like us and have winterized, it doesn't mean you're necessarily done for the season. Whether your boat is in a barn or under shrink-wrap, this is a great time of year to get little projects done on the inside of the boat.

Examples would include a minor clean-up, tightening some loose nuts and bolts, or perhaps something more aggressive such as installing a new audio or entertainment system.

In my case, I'm thinking of installing a new battery and inverter for those times when we're on the hook and want to make some coffee or watch a movie without the need of the genset. With the boat under wraps, I can get the cabin warmed to 70 degrees in a matter of minutes with a little space heater. There's no better way to pass the winter blues than to work on your favorite vessel!

Speaking of Projects

Here's a little bilge-cleaning gizmo I came up with:


Specifically, I have a few corners of the boat that tend to trap water during the season. Some are below the bilge-pump pick-up level, while others are in recessed corners that don't drain until a higher water level. One such spot on my boat is under the shower sump box, which happens to overflow every time the kids run the shower and forget to arm the shower sump. Trapped moisture can lead to odors, so it's a good idea to eliminate those little puddles when you can.

My goal was to create a simple way of quickly sucking water out of a small area, or multiple areas, using a 12v power supply. I considered a water pump, but found them to be expensive at over $100. For about $50, I picked up a bilge pump, a hose adapter and some wiring that I could rig to a battery and a 50' output hose to run off the stern of the boat. To reach the last 1/8" of the water level, I pulled the blue screen off the bottom of the pump.

It worked pretty well, with the exception that it tended to clog with debris with the screen removed. Sticking the pump into the far corners saved me the trouble of using buckets and rags to accomplish the same task. It doesn't take up much space, and is ready for next season.


Above, the bilge gizmo in action draining shower sump and anchor locker overflow.

Anybody Remember This?


Sent in from a friend of Port KY, original source unknown.

2014 OUPV and Master Captain Class

Captain Ron Getter of True Course Captains School is pleased to inform us that they have enough enrollees in the March, 2014 OUPV and Master Captain's Course to make it a "go."

This course, hosted annually by Port KY, is a great place for well-seasoned boaters who have an interest in obtaining their captain's license to round-out their knowledge and get the credential that goes with it. Some people get their captain's licenses to help supplement their income, while others enjoy the learning experience.

For more information, see the attached flier and contact Captain Getter for more information: LINK (.pdf, 99 Kb)

Please note the correction to Captain Getter's email: CaptainGetter@TrueCourses.com


I've had several people ask me over the years how I keep my canvas, and more specifically my Strataglass, in such great condition. Simply, I follow the manufacturers recommendations. Summer with the UV is the hardest on the materials, and I take care to keep the dust and dirt down so it doesn't scratch. I use manufacturer-recommended cleaners frequently, as well as their recommended polish. I also put on my sunscreen after handling the canvas, so as to not get the oils on the glass.

For storage, it's important not to let the snaps scratch the glass, so many people put blankets between them. What I do is hang them in a garage on a rack made from 2x4s and clothesline. Hanging them also helps them keep their shape without putting stress on folds, which can lead to cracking.

In the end, it's really a small bit of work compared to the large investment in quality materials.



Port KY River Forum

Don't let the winter blues set in! Stop by the Port KY River Forum to keep in touch with your friends and keep up with the latest: LINK

Boat Classes

Keep an eye out for news in the next few months as boat classes get organized for the spring!

Upcoming Events

Christmas Parties!

Check your club's calendar for details!


Advertising renewals* have been sent out for 2014, and we are grateful for those businesses that have helped support the site and make it the success that it has become. I asked if they had anything they'd like to share, and following are their responses:

From Jim Willis, Harrods Creek Boat Harbor

Another great boating season under our belt -- and some of it underwater! It was a wet one indeed, with unusual flooding in early July and even late September! But as always, for most of the season, the river was wonderful and beautiful.

Many exciting things happening on the river this year, highlighted by the construction of the bridges, some amazing new events and new boaters. Welcome to all!

Thanks to all of our Harrods Creek Boat Harbor Members and customers for a fun and joyful season and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2014.

From Captain Ron Getter, TrueCourse Captain's School

So as TrueCourse Captain's School reflects on 2013 at this time of year, we only pause for a while as we are full blown into our academic season of 2013-2014. And of course, look forward to seeing (boat captain) Chief Seng at the St. Mathews fire house in March, along with our many Captains we have graduated and helped secure their Captain's License. Better yet, gave them better boating skills.

And of course, we wish to again congratulate Captain Grubb for his continued efforts and promotion of the PortKY.com site. Good job Captain!

Greetings from the staff of Paradigm Yacht Sales!

It was another fun-filled and enjoyable season on the water and although great boating opportunities still remain for the fall season, we look forward to new adventures and building new memories in 2014.

Louisville continues to be one of THE best boating communities in all of the North American Inland waters. Our stable pool, provided by the McAlpine Lock and Dam, combined with the amazing variety of destinations and fun places to dock, anchor and beach, makes our region so enjoyable and diverse.

Kudos to Port KY for supporting safe and fun boating activity, and on to 2014! There is simply nothing more fun, peaceful, relaxing and invigorating than to be on the water.

From Tumbleweed

Thank you boating community!

Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar appreciates your business over the summer months. Now we hope you'll visit us over the winter, too. At Tumbleweed on the Waterfront, you can enjoy bold flavors and Tex Mex favorites, like enchiladas, burritos and chimichangas, plus steaks, ribs, chicken and seafood prepared over a real mesquite fire. It's a great meal with a beautiful view all year round!

From Capt. Bob Conrad, River's Edge Marina

We would like to give a very special thank you to our customers who have supported River's Edge Marina over the years. It's so hard to believe that we have had six seasons already. Each year we grow and meet so many new friends. Many of our new friends find us thanks to our old friends spreading the word that we're here. We appreciate each and every one of you and can't wait to see you next year.

and from Capt. Bob Conrad, River's Edge Towing:

Although we know that the last thing you want to do on a beautiful summer day is call for assistance, River's Edge Towing is grateful to be the service you rely on in your time of need. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you. We pledge to always get you back on your way to having fun whenever possible.

From Toni Davies, BB&T Insurance Services

Another boating season is coming to a close. Off season is a great time to pull out your watercraft policies for review. Please contact me for assistance and also to market your policy with BB&T Insurance Recreational Marine carriers for competitiveness. Include your home and auto insurance in with this review as well. Thank you to all who placed business with me this past year!!!

"A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself."
-Laura Gilpin

From Capt. Gary Carson:

On behalf of PAPs Props, LLC. I would like to thank the readers of PortKy.com for their patronage this past year! We have had the pleasure of providing dedicated service and attention to quality and performance when servicing our customers propellers for the Louisville area and the Central Mid-West region! It has been my pleasure to provide service to the "CQ Princess", Pluckebaum Yachts and Darling Yachts.

We provide a computer integrated scan of every propeller we sell and service, commonly known as "Blueprinting." We utilize Prop Scan computer imaging for this process, which is unique to our area..... This highly accurate technology is commonly found only on the coastal and Great Lakes regions, making us conveniently located for transient boaters and "loopers" traveling on our navigable waters.

We now offer sales/consulting for propellers and marine parts and accessories, and our new online store will be up and running the beginning of 2014. Thank you again for a great year and I am looking forward to the 2014 boating season. Feel free to contact me or a member of our friendly staff for your boating needs!

Insightbb.com E-Mail Addresses

Many of our subscribers stil have "insightbb.com" e-mail addresses. As a matter of fact, I do as well. The fine print indicated that they'd be good until June of 2014.

If you have another e-mail, please take a minute to update our records using the "Manage Your Subscription" link at the very bottom of this Port KY e-mail release. You can also enter a new address on the Port KY site's e-mail page: LINK

Slips for Sale

Still our most popular link! There were recently nine slips that sold as a direct result of the Port KY site, and the "Slips" page has been one of the most popular destinations.

There are some new listings, including three large slips at the Louisville Yacht Club, so check it out: LINK

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Webmaster, PortKY.com

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