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June, 2014

As we head into the warmer weather, longer days mean more time to hang out with friends and spend time on the water. Here is some of the latest news as we gear-up for the summer activities:

PortKY.com / BoatLocal.com Booth at the Nautical Flea Market

The May 31st Nautical Flea Market at the RiverPark Place Marina was a huge success. It was a great place to hang out with other boaters for the morning or the whole weekend, and there were some good deals to be had.

We had a booth there, where we gave away our signature "River Cards," drink "huggies" and stickers. We also had a drawing every 30 minutes, where winners got free T-shirts.


Above, the PortKY/BoatLocal tent, with our volunteers. These two young ladies have been on the river since they were little, and enjoyed seeing everybody.

Also at the Flea Market was Capt. Joe Frith, who brought his video equipment. Joe put together a great YouTube video of the event: BoatLocal Discussion


Above, a sunset from the Louisville waterfront. Photo courtesy Theresa Frith

Site and Forum Integration

Speaking of BoatLocal, there continue to be some questions about the integration. Here are a few highlights that address many of the questions people have been asking:

-Capt. Eric is still doing the Port KY Newsletter.

-Eric is still the go-to guy for Louisville, and is helping as a volunteer through the transition and beyond.

-The Port KY Forum has merged into the BoatLocal Forums. All your threads are still there in the Louisville section, and there is much more to explore. Your engine questions, for example, have a much larger audience to help you.

-The Port KY site is still there! Eventually, the bulk of it will be integrated into the BoatLocal.com/louisville site, but for now it's there like always.

-Advertisers will now have an expanded audience with the addition of BoatLocal.com. Eric will help keep the local stores in the loop, but the site administration has moved to Terry Grantz and Mike Joyce of BoatLocal.com.

-How to reach us:

eric.grubb@boatlocal.com (webmaster@portky.com forwards)


Speaking of the Port KY site…

This time of year brings many new boaters to the area. Whether you're new or an old-hat, you'll find a wealth of features available on the Port KY site. These include:

River Conditions - provided by the NOAA
Weather Forecasts - a great place to check the forecast before heading out
Vessel Traffic - a live view of local river traffic
Marinas and Fuel Stops - great for visitors and new boaters
Slips For Sale - still a popular link, find your next slip
Forum link - now better than ever!
Local Knowledge - explore the background information on some of the more common places
Local Events - plan your summer!
Featured Articles - a wealth of information
Llnks/Resources - almost everything you need, from charts to safety courses
Newsletter Links - a good read on a rainy day!

These pages represent years' worth of information gathering, and are a very valuable reference. Over time, these will be incorporated into the BoatLocal.com site, as well. We'll have more information regarding the integration in the future.


Above, the Vessel Traffic display on the PortKY.com site on a typical weekday afternoon

BoatLocal.com Features

The BoatLocal site has some pretty cool features, as well. One new thing you'll notice right away is the interactive map display. It's like having the River Card come to life! You can mouse around the area, and click on links for more information. In the future, you'll be able to see pictures and even visitor reviews of locations.


Above, the interactive map display on the BoatLocal.com site - link


Video Production and Quadcopter Drones

Our very own Capt. Joe Frith has been busy lately perfecting his video skills with recreational RC drones. Many of us know Capt. Joe from the river, where he operates his Marinette under charter. Joe, who is very entrepreneurial by nature, produces real estate videos that enhance the value of listings.


You may recall that we first mentioned the quadcopter drone platforms in the February 2014 Port KY News & Notes. Capt. Joe is also an RC airplane enthusiast, so when DJI introduced their all-in-one video drone platform called the Phantom 2 Vision, he was among the first to get one. His combination of video editing skills and RC flying experience make him a natural for producing high-quality productions.

Even with Joe's knowledge base, he has found that there is a lot to learn about getting good video and still images on the water. For example, the quadcopter has to tilt to generate a horizontal component of lift and "fly" sideways, resulting in a somewhat tilted video image. Advanced software can take care of some of the tilt, but it can still be pronounced as speeds approach the quadcopter's limits.

Camera positioning can be another challenge. To get the best images, you've got to first fly the copter into position, then get the azimuth and elevation of the camera set to the best angle for the scene. While doing this, other factors such as the position of the sun come into play. When you put it all together, it's really not as easy as it sounds.

For some low-level scenes, Joe has a few other techniques he likes to use. For example, the Go-Pro camera features a suction mount that can be attached to the waterline of the boat or the side of a vehicle. For some interesting on-the-water shots, he's been experimenting with mounting the camera to the top of a floating buoy. Even those shots require planning and luck, as the buoy tends to move around in a somewhat random pattern.


Just like in his real estate videos, Joe has special steady-cam equipment to help make the most of his wide-angle shots. Those pictures and video could make for not only a good marketing tool, but also good archive footage for your home use or for your insurance company in case of a loss.

So where's Joe headed with the drones and videos? He's watching the regulations over the national airspace system and the commercial use carefully, and sees a bright future is what is guaranteed to be a growing trend among producers. Here are two videos he posted to YouTube that demonstrate the capabilities of these video platforms with boats:

Boston Whaler and Silverton video links: BoatLocal Discussion

Summer Events!


HCBOA Summer Party
July 26th, 2014
Waldoah Beach


Waterfront Independence Festival
July 3 & 4
Louisville Waterfront Park

Madison Regatta
(Website still under construction)

Forecastle Festival 2013
July 18-20
Louisville Waterfront Park

HCBOA Poker Run
RiverPark Place Marina
July 26th
Sign-ups July 17 and 24 at Captain's Quarters

Visit the Port KY Events page for more detail: link

Sea Ray Event!

Chip Jowarski of Sea Ray of Louisville wanted me to let you know that you're invited to come demo some of their new boats on Wednesday nights between now an July 9th. Here's a link to more information: BoatLocal Discussion

New Advertiser

We welcome the Falls City Dock company to the list of our Louisville advertisers. Be sure to call them to discuss your needs as you plan your improvements or maintenance to your docks. link

Slips for Sale

Still our most popular link! You can check them out here: link

That's it for now--Stay safe, and we'll see you on the water!

Eric Grubb
USCG Licensed Master
Founder, Port KY LLC

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