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A 2009 Experiment...


For all you Podcasters, the PortKY.com RiverCast! We'd like to especially welcome our Anchor, Kendra Redfield. iTunes users can directly subscribe to the podcast using this link: SUBSCRIBE

Why no 2010 episodes? It was fun putting these together, but was quite frankly very labor intensive. Our anchor has a new job, and I didn't want to commercialize the podcasts to keep them going. For now, we'll leave the old ones up here, as much of the information is still relavent. -Capt. Eric


PortKY RiverCast Archives:

November 2009
AUDIO ONLY: Trip Planning and Execution Part II: Eric discusses a trip from Pittsburgh to Louisville with Dr. Kurt Petry. Kurt and his wife moved their Sea Ray to Louisville in 2009 via the Ohio River. See more pictures and information about his trip under the "Featured Articles" link.

October 2009
VIDEO: Part I of Trip Planning and Execution, Kendra describes several aspects of trip planning on the Ohio River.

September, 2009
VIDEO: Kendra interviews Sgt. Glaser of the Louisville Metro Police River Patrol about river safety and the efforts to make a no-wake special anchorage behind Twelve Mile Island.

August, 2009
VIDEO: Our premier episode featuring Kendra Redfield. Broadcast from the Jeffersontown Riverfront, with an interview of Gary Hisel, Executive Director for the LST-325 visiting from Evansville.


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